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Classic Rock vol 4 Torrent

Top-500-Classic-Rock-CD4-coverIdioma Original: ingles
Gravadora: varias
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751.Stabbing Westward-What Do I Have To Do
752.ACDC-1979-Highway To Hell-09-Love Hungry Man
753.The Rolling Stones-1970-Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!-10-Street Fighting Man
754.Scorpions-1982-Blackout-08-China White
755.Heart-1977-Little Queen-02-Love Alive
756.Pink Floyd-Pigs (Three Different Ones)
757.Chris Cornell-Sunshower
758.Bad Company-1976-Run With The Pack-06-Silver, Blue & Gold
759.Rush-1990-Chronicles-23-The Big Money

762.Van Halen-Secrets
763.Green Day-1997-Nimrod-17-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
764.Fleetwood Mac-1988-Then Play on-06-Oh Well
765.Kiss-1982-Killers-10-God Of Thunder
766.Pat Travers-Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
767.Aerosmith-1989-Pump-10-What It Takes
768.Boston-1997-Greatest Hits-04-Peace of Mind
769.Pat Benatar-Hell Is For Children
770.Ozzy Osbourne-2002-No Rest For The Wicked-01-Miracle Man

771.Breakfast in America
773.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-06-Legs
774.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-18-Breadfan – (originally recorded by Budgie)
775.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-24-Beast Of Burden
776.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-11-When It?s Love
777.Queen-2005-A Night At The Opera-04-You’re My Best Friend
778.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-12-Over Now
779.Tom Petty-1989-Full Moon Fever-01-Free Fallin’
780.Best Collection – The Best Heavy Metal Album Ever-12-Montrose-Rock The Nation

781.Led Zeppelin-1997-BBC Sessions-22-That’s the Way
782.Pearl Jam-1998-Yield-04-Given To Fly
783.Spinal Tap-Big Bottom
784.Judas Priest-1981-Point Of Entry-03-Hot Rockin’
785.Soundgarden-1991-Badmotorfinger-04-Jesus Christ Pose
786.Rush-2000-Different Stages-20-Roll The Bones
787.Kenny Wayne Shepherd-Deja Voodoo
788.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-12-Poundcake
789.Eric Johnson-Cliffs Of Dover
790.ACDC-1975-High Voltage-09-High Voltage

791.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1977-Street Survivors-05-You Got That Right
792.Guns N’ Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-03-Nightrain
793.Jimi Hendrix-1985-The Singles Album-02-Stone Free
794.Jane’s Addiction-1997-Kettle Whistle-12-Stop
795.Krokus-Stayed Awake All Night
796.Nirvana-1989-Bleach-03-About a Girl
797.Ted Nugent-Wango Tango
798.Stevie Ray Vaughn – Tightrope
799.Were Not Gonna Take It-Twisted Sister
800.Scorpions-1979-Lovedrive-04-Coast To Coast

802.Deep Purple-Kentucky Woman
803.Black Sabbath-Psycho Man
804.Billy Squier – The Best Of – 09 – In The Dark
805.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-07-Atomic Punk
806.Led Zeppelin-1982-Coda-03-I Can’t Quit You Baby
807.Pearl Jam-1994-Vitalogy-08-Corduroy
809.Aerosmith-1986-Greatest Hits-10-Remember (Walking In The Sand)
810.Mother Love Bone-1992-Stardog Champion-06-Stargazer

811.Sammy Hagar-1994-Unboxed-03-I’ll Fall In Love Again
812.Monster Magnet-Space Lord
813.Rush-1990-Chronicles-05-Bastille Day
814.Foreigner-1982-Records-10-Hot Blooded
815.Mad Season-1995-Above-04-I’m Above
816.The Cars-1979-Candy-O-11-Dangerous Type
817.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-11-Angry Chair
818.ZZ Top-A Fool For Your Stockings
819.Van Halen-Feels So Good
820.Queensryche-Take Hold Of The Flame

821.Pink Floyd-1973-Dark Side Of The Moon-04-The Great Gig In The Sky
823.Whitesnake-1984-Slide It In-02-Slide It In
824.Rush-1990-Chronicles-26-Time Stand Still
825.Mad Season-1995-Above-07-I Don’t Know Anything
826.Scorpions-1980-Animal Magnetism-01-Make It Real
827.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-03-Listen To Her Heart
828.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-09-Whiskey In The Jar – (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy)
829.Van Halen-1980-Women And Children First-07-Take Your Whiskey Home
830.Rolling Stones-2002-Forty Licks-22-Brown Sugar

831.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-01-Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
832.The Kinks-1999-Low Budget-06-Low Buget
833.Aerosmith-1973-Aerosmith-04-One Way Street
834.Stone Temple Pilots-1992-Core-01-Dead and Bloated
835.Led Zeppelin-1990-Box Set-50-The Wanton Song
836.Offspring-Gotta Get Away
837.Black Sabbath-Neon Knights
840.Scorpions-1984-Love at First Sting-01-Bad Boys Running Wild

841.Pat Travers Band-Snortin’ Whiskey
842.Creed-1997-My Own Prison-09-What’s This Life For
842.Stone Temple Pilots-Dancing Days
843.Van Halen-Top Of The World
844.Green Day-Brain Stew Jaded (Medley)
845.The Who-1974-Odds & Sods-04-Summertime Blues
846.ACDC-1977-Let There Be Rock-04-Bad Boy Boogie
847.Deep Purple-1998-30 Years – The Very Best Of-01-Hush
848.Metallica-1997-ReLoad-04-The Unforgiven II
849.Pearl Jam-1998-Yield-11-In Hiding
850.Queensr?che-1990-Empire-11-Anybody Listening

851.Rush-1975-Caress of Steel-02-I Think I’m Going Bald
852.Megadeth-1994-Youthanasia-02-Train Of Consequences
853.Days Of The New-Shelf In The Room
854.Robert Plant-1999-Now and Zen-03-Tall Cool One
855.Ted Nugent-1990-Cat Scratch Fever-02-Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
856.David Bowie-1990-Changes Bowie-08-Rebel Rebel
857.Jimi Hendrix-1967-Axis Bold as Love-02-Up From The Skies
859.The Doors-1967-The Doors-04-Twentieth century fox
860.Ozzy Osbourne-Walk on Water

861.The Rolling Stones-1972-Exile On Main Street-10-Happy
862.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-09-Little Dreamer
863.Chris Cornell – Seasons
864.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1987-Legend-05-Simple Man
865.Beavis & Butt-Head Experience-04-Megadeth-99 Ways To Die
866.Aerosmith-1988-Toys In the Attic-07-No More No More
867.Hunger-Vanishing Cream
868.ZZ Top-Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
869.Queensryche-Revolution Calling
870.Pink Floyd-1994-Division Bell-09-Keep Talking

871.Led Zeppelin-1979-In Through The Out Door-06-All My Love
872.Judas Priest-2004-Metalogy-21-Hell Bent For Leather
873.Pearl Jam – Breath
876.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1975-Nuthin’ fancy-05-On the hunt
877.U2-1983-War-07-Two Hearts Beat As One
878.Robin Trower-Day Of The Eagle
879.Rob Zombie-Dragula

883.Various Artists-1970-Super Hits of the ’70s (CD23)-01-Focus Hocus Pocus
884.Metallica-1997-ReLoad-02-The Memory Remains
886.Sammy Hagar-Mas Tequila
887.The Doors-Gloria
888.ACDC-1986-Who Made Who-01-Who Made Who
889.Soundgarden – Birth Ritual

890.Queen-1992-Greatest Hits-06-Bicycle Race
891.Scorpions-1989-Best Of Rockers ‘n’ Ballads-02-I Can’t Explain
892.The Rolling Stones-1969-Let It Bleed-05-Let It Bleed
893.Alice In Chains – 02 – Queen Of The Rodeo
894.Foghat-Stone Blue
895.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-11-Electric Funeral
896.The Cult-1989-Sonic Temple-05-Sweet Soul Sister
897.Foo Fighters-1999-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-03-Learn To Fly
898.Guns N’ Roses-1987-Appetite For Destruction-05-Mr. Brownstone
899.Rush-What You’re Doing
900.Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-1992-I Love Rock N’ Roll-01-I Love Rock ‘n Roll

903.Metallica-1998-Garage Inc.-20-Stone Cold Crazy – (originally recorded by Queen)
904.ZZ TOP-1972-Rio Grande Mud-02-Just Got Paid
905.Queensryche-Breaking The Silence
906.Live-1994-Throwing Copper-07-All Over You
907.Led Zeppelin-1979-In Through The Out Door-05-Carouselambra
908.Black Crowes-1990-Shake Your Money Maker-08-She Talks To Angels
909.Ted Nugent-Dog Eat Dog
910.Heart-1977-Little Queen-05-Kick It Out

911.Ozzy Osbourne-1991-No More Tears-01-Mr Tinkertrain
912.Boston-1986-Third Stage-02-We’re Ready
913.Korn-Freak On A Leash
914.Van Halen-1978-Van Halen-05-I’m The One
916.Pantera-Cemetary Gates
917.The Rolling Stones-1980-Emotional Rescue-09-She’s So Cold
919.Alice In Chains-1994-Jar Of Flies-07-Swing On This
920.Black Sabbath-Heaven And Hell

921.Black Crowes-1998-By Your Side-02-Kicking My Heart Around
922.Rainbow-Street Of Dreams
925.Great White-2002-Rock Me-01-Once Bitten Twice Shy
926.Van Halen-Mean Street
928.Tom Petty-1994-Wildflowers-04-You Wreck Me
929.Soundgarden-1991-Badmotorfinger-07-Searching With My Good Eye Closed
930.Def Leppard-1987-Hysteria-10-Hysteria

931.The Who-Join Together
932.Aerosmith-1987-Permanent Vacation-09-Angel
935.Alice In Chains-1992-Dirt-07-Dirt
937.Triumph-A World Of Fantasy
938.Ozzy Osbourne-1991-No More Tears-08-Time After Time
939.Stabbing Westward-Save Yourself
940.ACDC-1978-Powerage-01-Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation

941.ZZ Top-1983-Eliminator-08-Tv Dinners
943.The Tragically Hip-New Orleans Is Sinking
944.Metallica-1996-Load-01-Ain’t My Bitch
945.Everclear-2004-Ten Years Gone The Best Of Everclear 1994-2004-06-I Will Buy You A New Life
946.Uriah Heep-stealin’
947.Alice In Chains-1995-Alice In Chains-03-Sludge Factory
949.George Thorogood-It Wasn’t Me
950.Chris Cornell-1999-Euphoria Morning-01-Can’t Change Me

951.Tesla-Little Suzi
952.Led Zeppelin-1975-Physical Graffiti-01-Custard Pie
953.Offspring-I Choose
955.Bush-The Chemicals Between Us
957.Last Action Hero-03-Megadeth-Angry Again
958.Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl
960.Last Action Hero-01-AC-DC-Big Gun

961.Live-1999-The Distance to Here-01-The Dolphin’s Cry
962.Ted Nugent-1975-Ted Nugent-02-Stormtroopin’
963.Foo Fighters-1995-Foo Fighters-01-This Is A Call
964.The Doors-1967-Strange Days-10-When The Music’s Over
965.Pearl Jam-2004-Rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991-2003)-28-Last Kiss
966.Guns N’ Roses-1991-Use Your Illusion II-12-You Could Be Mine
967.The Rolling Stones-1977-Love You Live-03-If You Can’t Rock Me-Get Off My Cloud
968.Soundgarden-1994-Superunknown-01-Let Me Drown
969.Creed-1997-My Own Prison-10-One
970.38 Special-1990-Flashback The Best of .38 Special-02-Hold on Loosely

971.Van Halen-1996-Best Of Volume 1-17-Me Wise Magic
972.The Rolling Stones-1968-Beggars Banquet-08-Stray Cat Blues
973.Pearl Jam-Leaving Here
974.Motley Crue-1989-Dr. Feelgood-05-Kickstart My Heart
975.Scorpions-1990-Crazy World-01-Tease Me Please Me
976.Lynyrd Skynyrd-1989-Skynyrd’s Innyrds-09-Workin’ For MCA
977.Heart-2001-Dog & Butterfly-04-Straight On
978.Black Sabbath-2004-Black Box..1970-1978-09-Peanut Caravan
979.U2-1988-Rattle And Hum-03-Desire
980.Eagles-1982-The Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol. 2-04-Victim Of Love

981.Godsmack-1998-Godsmack-03-Keep Away
982.Def Leppard-1983-Pyromania-10-Billy’s Got A Gun
983.Hold Your Head Up (cover) MotherLoveBone
984.Pink Floyd-1994-Division Bell-11-High Hopes
987.Stevie Ray Vaughn – Change It
989.Pearl Jam-1998-Yield-05-Wishlist
990.Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-1993-Tom Petty Greatest Hits-09-The Waiting

993.the – animals – the – house – of – the – rising – sun
994.Queens Of The Stone Age-1998-Queens Of The Stone Age-03-If Only
995.Cream-1990-Wheel of Fire-01-White Room
996.Aerosmith-1973-Aerosmith-01-Make It
997.Smashing Pumpkins-2001-(Rotten Apples) The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits-07-Bullet With Butterfly Wings.
998.The Beatles-1968-The White Album-01-Back In The Ussr
1000.Various Artists-1970-Super Hits of the ’70s (CD21)-01-Black Betty – Ram Jambotao_download211313

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